Newest Member of the CCPS family – Brooks

Well, this is Brooks.  One of the most irresistibly sweet dogs I have ever had the pleasure of caring for.  I can't even stand how cute he is.  His ears can never decide whether they want to be up or down and one usually disagrees with the other.  He's being called a...

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Jackson and Bindi

Today I brought my Cockapoo, Jackson, over to Bindi's house to play.  Bindi is a Dalmatian puppy, a new addition to a client's family who recently lost their wonderful, old Dalmatian, Spot. They had a blast!  They're about the same size right now, although not for...

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My first blog – Kittens Rescued!!

I am so glad that my first blog involves rescue.  Aside from the joys of caring for my clients' pets, rescue is what makes me happy.  It is just the most rewarding thing - and it's crucial to the pet overpopulation crisis.  Two days ago, as I'm trying to recover from...

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