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My love of animals began when I was six years old. My parents let me pick out a puppy from a litter of cockapoos at a pet store. I still remember bringing home Barkley, the love of my life. Barkley was my buddy until I was 20 years old.

He taught me unconditional love. I can’t say he taught me responsibility because after I moved out of my parents’ house and they redecorated my room, my mom told me she found urine stains on the hardwood floor from me sleeping in too long with Barkley locked in my room. Oh well, I digress. But Barkley was there for me, always.

I could look into his sweet brown eyes and snuggle up with him and everything would feel better. I went on to pet sit as a child for neighbors’ cats. We then brought home cats of our own taken from a barn.

In my teens, I started working at the town’s dog grooming and pet supply shop in my hometown in CT. I learned a great deal there about dog handling, foods, and supplies. After moving to PA, I took my cats for an exam to the Gentle Cat Dr.

Upon seeing my connection to animals, the vet there offered me a job on the spot with no veterinary assistant training. I learned so much in the 8 months I was there. I did a lot of work with feral cats attempting to domesticate them, cat grooming, and was trained to do everything expected of a veterinary technician. In 1995, I then went to work for Dr. Genser at Gladwyne Veterinary Hospital.

I continued expanding my knowledge of animal care as well as how to run a business with a personal touch. A few clients asked me to take care of their pets when they went away, and shortly thereafter, in 1997, Creature Comforts Pet Sitting was born.
A few things inspired me to turn my love of animals into my own business. One would be a strong entrepreneurial spirit that I didn’t yet know I possessed. Another would be seeing all the dogs come into the vet hospital almost directly from boarding with various ailments such as eye and ear infections, GI upsets, sores, hoarseness from barking in the kennel so much, and the list goes on. It was obvious to me that these pets would have been better off at home.

A great contributing factor was those animal hospital clients that personally asked me to care for their pets when they went away. Those opportunities were extremely enjoyable and rewarding to me. Creature Comforts began as Pet Sitting by Andrea with a few flyers up around the area. It was amazing how quickly it took off. My little side job in addition to working as a vet assistant was quickly turning into a full fledged business!

I was heartbroken when the time came to leave Gladwyne Vet Hospital but I was entering my third trimester with my first child and the pet sitting was calling for me full time. Something had to go. I made a risky decision to turn the pet sitting into a career and I’ve never had the time to look back since!

My daughters and I currently share our home with our Cockapoo, Jackson, and 7 (Yes, you read that right) rescued cats – Bubba, Billy, Nellie, Domino, Boomer, Snowflake, and Sunny. Anyone want a cat?! 🙂

I do cat and kitten rescue in my home whenever possible. If you’re looking for a dog or cat, please adopt from a shelter. Giving a homeless pet a safe and loving place to call home is truly a rewarding experience.

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