Services and Rates

At Creature Comforts Pet Sitting we pride ourselves on providing the highest level of service. From dog walking to pet sitting, we do it all.  We service the towns that make up the eastern Mainline.

If you do not see what you are looking for below, please call or email. We understand that peoples’ and pets’ needs vary widely. We would be happy to customize our services to suit your needs.

Complimentary In Home Consultation


Please use our Contact Us page or email to book your service and arrange your complimentary in home consultation.


During this visit we will:


  • Become acquainted with you and your pets.
  • Receive detailed information about the care of your pets and your home.
  • Review our services and fees.
  • Confirm the dates of service and how often we will be visiting your home.
  • Get information about what additional services may be required.
  • Get phone numbers and contact information.
  • Pick up two copies of your house key.
  • Review our policies and sign our service agreement.


**If we are not contracted for work at the time of consultation, a $15.00 administrative fee will be charged.

Daily Dog Walking

Working long hours? We offer walks and outings in the middle of the day throughout the week for dogs in need of exercise and/or relief. It’s unhealthy for dogs to “hold it” all day and it can help dogs with separation anxiety who get destructive if left alone too long. You may specify a walk, play ball in the yard, snuggle/TLC time, etc.  

You must consistently have 2 or more days a week scheduled to receive this discounted rate.  For less often than that, the pet sitting rate will apply.

$18.00 per 30 minute visit
$24.00 per 45 minute visit          
$30.00 per one hour visit  (1 or 2 do

Top taking a rest during a romp through the woods.

Top taking a rest during a romp through the woods.




Overnight Stays

A sitter will arrive at your home in the evening and stay until the following morning. Your pet has the benefit of a caring sitter not only providing the usual pet care but spending the night with your pet as well. This service is good for pets with medical issues that may require more observation or those who simply won’t sleep as well if no one is in the bed with them! This service provides 12 hours of coverage. A midday visit the following day is not included and can be added.

Starting rate is $75 per night.  Additional fees will apply for more than 2 pets and unusually time or labor intensive jobs.

Widgeon appreciates being able to stay home in bed

Widgeon appreciates being able to stay home in bed



This service involves the sitter actually living in your home and provides full coverage throughout the day as well as the sleepover. The sitter will not spend any time at their own house but will be in and out of yours throughout the day while providing visits to other clients. Your pet will not be left more than a few hours at a time during the day. The sitter will be in the home at least 16 of every 24 hrs.

$110.00  per day 1-2 pets– Additional fees will apply for more than 2 pets and unusually time or labor intensive jobs.

In Home Pet Sitting

Do you need to leave town for vacation, business trip, or other obligation? We provide as many visits as are needed throughout the day. This allows for a stress free environment for your pet enabling them to adhere to their daily routine. These visits include, first and foremost, lots of love and attention as well as feeding, walking, administering medications, litter box maintenance, and other complimentary household tasks listed below.


$20.00 per 30 minute visit
$26.00 per 45minute visit
$32.00 per hour visit
(1 or 2 pets)

Park Adventures

For those dogs who need more exercise and time out during the day, we can take them to the park for an hour of exercise and play. This is a great opportunity for them to socialize with their favorite playmates while burning off some energy. Transportation is included. We will choose from the following parks: Saunders Woods, Rolling Hills Park , Mill Creek Park , General Wayne Park, Merion Botanical Park , and Shortridge Memorial Park.  We can only do off leash at Rolling Hills or Mill Creek.

$35 per 1 hour visit $5 for additional dog   Limit 2 dogs  

Discount rate of $33 for 1 dog if consistently scheduled at least twice a week

Milo enjoying a drink in Mill Creek on a Park Adventure

Milo enjoying a drink in Mill Creek on a Park Adventure



Potty Pit Stop

This 15 minute visit is for those dogs who have a problem waiting very long without going out to relieve themselves. They may be puppies, geriatric, have a bladder problem, etc. This service is only offered during the day (Monday-Friday)between 9AM & 6PM and there must be at least one ½ hr. visit scheduled the same day.

$15.00 per 15 minute visit  *Scheduled only with approval


Bindi relieved after getting out to go potty

Bindi relieved after getting out to go potty






Mini House Sit – Pet Sitting By the Hour

We will come keep your pet company while you’re out.

$17 per hour, 3 hour minimum




Creature Comforts Chauffeur

We can provide transportation to and from your vet, groomer, or anywhere else within our serving area.

$20.00 each way, $25/hr. wait time

Rudy and Taylor being chauffeured to the park

Rudy and Taylor being chauffeured to the park

Home Care Services (no pets)

This service keeps things running smoothly at your home while you travel.  Includes property security check, mail/newspaper/packages collection, dry cleaning in/out, trash & recycling out/in, water plants, refill birdfeeders/birdbath, feed outdoor fish, basic pool maintenance, rotate lights.

$20 for up to ½ hr of tasks


Shopping Services

We are available when you need help with picking up more food, medication, or other supplies. We will even do light grocery shopping for your return home.

$20 per delivery + cost of purchase


Complimentary Services

  • Mail & Newspaper Collection
  • Rotate Lights
  • Raise and lower drapes and blinds
  • Water up to 5 indoor plants
  • Light Brushing
  • Set Out/Bring in Trash & Recycling
  • Empty Dehumidifier


Services at an Additional Cost

  • Additional Pets: $2.00 each
  • Last minute visits less than 12hrs notice – $5.00 per visit
  • Holiday Visits: $7.00 additional per 1/2 hr. visit, $7.00 per 45 minute visit, $9.00 per hour visit, $20.00 per overnight or house sit on the following holidays:

New Year’s Eve Day || New Year’s Day || Easter Sunday || Memorial Day || July 4th || Labor Day || Thanksgiving Day || Christmas Eve Day || Christmas Day


  • Key Pick Up/Return Fee: A fee of $10.00 may be charged. To avoid this fee, simply have us keep your keys on file in my office.
  • Nail Clipping Fee: Cats $5.00 Dogs $10.00
  • Plant watering for more than 5 indoor plants or outdoor gardens – $10.00
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