At Creature Comforts Pet Sitting we pride ourselves on our professionalism and knowledge of proper pet care to provide excellent service to our clients and their pets who reside in the eastern Mainline, Montgomery County, PA region.

  • It is our goal to establish and maintain a long term relationship based on trust and high quality services.
  • Notice Please always give as much notice as possible. Reservations are taken on a first-come first- served basis and we do not overbook.
  • Reservations Please contact the office for all reservations, cancellations, and schedule changes. Please do not try to contact your sitter as they cannot make these changes for you.  The best way to make a reservation is through our secure client portal, Pet Sitter Plus.  Simply go into your account and press the Select Services button.  Please don’t use texting as a form of communication with us.  It has led to miscommunication regarding scheduling and care details.  Please do not text your sitter directly. If you need us, all communication should go through the office.

Hours of Operation  Visits may be scheduled between the hours of 7am-10pm.  Any earlier or later poses a safety risk to our sitters and does not ensure that I can be available to them should they need me while working.

Scheduling visit times  We will make every effort to visit your pets as close to the time requested as possible.  But it is not like setting an appointment.  We need a block of time that is acceptable.  We will, of course, arrange a much narrower block of time for puppies, geriatrics, and those needing medication at a specified time.

Milo asks that you read carefully!

Milo asks that you read carefully!


  • We accept online credit card payment or checks payable to Creature Comforts Pet Sitting.
  • Unless otherwise arranged, payment is to be in full at the beginning of each visit or set of visits.
  • Payment for daily dog walking services is to be made at the beginning of the month.
  • Cancellation Policies
    • Twenty-four hour notice is required when cancelling a scheduled visit. If service is cancelled with less than 24 hour notice, all visits within the 24 hour window will still be charged for.
    • 7 days cancellation notice is required for overnights and house sitting.
    • No refunds for early returns. Please understand that we had this time set aside for you and we may have turned down other bookings. We may give partial returns in certain circumstances.
    • For daily dog walking clients, please email by 8 AM to avoid being charged for the day’s visit.
    • If we get to your home for a scheduled visit and are turned away due to someone being home, the full fee applies.

    Last Minute Reservations

    • There is a $5.00 fee for 1/2 hr. visits scheduled with less than 12 hours notice to compensate us for adjusting our schedule to accommodate yours. ($7/45min., $9/1hr)
    • A $20 fee will apply for all overnights & house sits scheduled with less than 48hr notice.

    Client Portal Please fill out all of your contact info, vet info, and pet care details in our secure client portal.  Please be sure to keep them updated when there are changes. This is what we use to carry out our services.  You may also use it to pay online, check your schedule, & request and cancel services.

    Home Access   Please have 2 copies of your house key ready when we meet with you.   If you will be requesting that we enter through the garage, we still need at least one key in the event of power outage.  2 forms of entry are required in case of an issue with your sitter or the key in their possession.  I or another sitter or the other key will then be ready to go as back up.

     Emergency Care

    • In the event that your pet requires immediate medical attention, we will first attempt to contact you prior to obtaining emergency care. But CCPS has the authority to act in your pet’s best interest even if we have not been able to contact you. Client will reimburse CCPS for all charges incurred while tending to emergency or veterinary care.

    Extreme weather  In the event of extreme weather when driving is dangerous, we will make every effort to make it to visits as scheduled.  If too dangerous or people are being ordered to stay off the roads, we will get there as soon as possible but cannot risk sitters’ safety. In this event, it is recommended you give a neighbor access to your home & give us their contact info should we need to reach out to them.

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