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Samantha - Professional Pet Sitter, House Sitter

Hi! My name is Samantha. I have worked for Andrea since I was 13! I babysat her kids, worked as a live-in Nanny for a summer, and have been her petsitter and live-in sitter for years. She trusted me with her kids, pets, and now she is trusting me to help manage her business. I have a pit-mix named, Daisy. She has the cutest smile! My childhood dog was a Shih-Tzu named Sammy. Weird to have the same name as your dog? Yes! It got confusing when my mom would yell, “Sammy!” He was my best friend. He saved me from waiting all night at the dinner table until I finished my meal. If only dogs lived as long as we do! I also have a snake named Fang. She is a Colombian Red-Tailed Boa Constrictor. She is 7ft long and weighs 25lbs! I love working with animals and can’t wait to meet, learn about, and bond with your pets!

Stephanie - Professional Pet Sitter, House Sitter

Hi! My name is Stephanie, and I’m a pet lover from Philadelphia. I have three dogs of my own(Charlie, Snoopy and Gidget) as well as a Guinea Pig(Gary) and a tortoise(Guapo). From a young age, I have found myself drawn to animals. My family had a cocker spaniel while I was growing up, and I had a tortoise that went everywhere with me! As I got older I realized that my love for animals was more than just a hobby, it was my passion! I spent my high school career at a farm school in Philadelphia (W.B Saul) that catered not only to the needs of large farm animals, but small furry friends as well! I have been with Creature Comforts since 2016 caring for your beloved pets and I can’t imagine myself doing anything else!

Marcia - Professional Cat Sitter

Hi! My name is Marcia. I am a retired training and development professional and a recent empty nester. I was looking for a rewarding way to spend my newfound time when I discovered Andrea, and am pleased to be part of the Creature Comforts team. I love cats! I have a 17 year old rescued calico named Fluffy (who I adore) and also take care of a sweet TNR cat I call Tuxie. I am married and live in Wynnewood and look forward to taking care of your precious kitties!

Jody - Live in House Sitter

Hi, I’m Jody and I love being a caretaker for your beloved pets and home so you can worry less during travel. Special needs, elderly and anxious pets are especially close to my heart. I follow all medication schedules right to the letter and ensure dogs who wear diapers stay happy and clean. I have infinite patience for fur kids who need extra support and understanding. I work from home as a digital marketer and my Maine coon cat, Ellie, and domestic short-hair diva, Abby, boss me around. My Pomeranian, Theo, was a therapy dog and together we worked with Alzheimer’s patients, Special Olympians, and veterans. I look forward to meeting your fur family!

Carolyn - Professional Pet Sitter

Hi, I’m Carolyn. I’m currently living in Ardmore. Growing up I’ve always loved animals and enjoyed spending time with my family and friends‘ pets. When I was in high school, my parents got us our first dog, Isaac, a spunky Pomeranian. For the past 10 years Isaac has taught me patience and unconditional love. I was excited to turn my passion for animals into a job when I joined the CCPS team in 2018. Since then I have met and cared for so many of your pets. I treat all your pets as if they were my own and forming bonds with your pets has been an incredibly rewarding experience. Seeing their faces light up when I come for a visit never fails to put a smile on my face! I look forward to meeting you and your fur babies!
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