Well, this is Brooks.  One of the most irresistibly sweet dogs I have ever had the pleasure of caring for.  I can’t even stand how cute he is.  His ears can never decide whether they want to be up or down and one usually disagrees with the other.  He’s being called a Schnoodle although that’s a total guess.  I do see the Schnauzer in him but I’m not sure of what else.  Brooks is a lucky boy and I think he knows it.  The only known history on Brooks is that he was picked up hit by a car and wound up in the SPCA.  From there he went to Main Line Animal Rescue.  Love them!  From there to his new home then we were lucky enough to be brought on for daily midday dog walking.  I find that I am all smiles when I am walking Brooks.  My energy automatically picks up and we start off in a little jog because his energy and enthusiasm are so infectious.  We’ve been loving our walks around the neighborhood no matter how much snow is on the ground or how brutally cold it is.  When Brooks gets back, he’s all set with a drink of fresh water and a treat to go back in the crate.  There he’ll be content until Mom and Dad get home. 

Brooks’ story is also a shining example of the rewards of adopting.  It’s such a  misconception that you can’t get a good dog at a shelter, they all have issues, the shelters are full of only big dogs, etc.  If you are willing to put in the time and effort, you can find a dog like Brooks.  I can assure you that it’s extremely rewarding.  As far as I can tell, Brooks is going to be a wonderful family dog for many years to come.  I see him being best buddy to any children that may come along.Please – if you are interested in adding a new member to your family, try adopting.

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