This cutie-patootie is what looks like a Poodle-Bichon mix.  It’s a guess as my client rescued him years ago after he’d been found wandering the streets.  He is just the sweetest thing and a wonderful companion for my elderly client whose husband passed away several years ago.  They live together in a beautiful assisted living complex in Bryn Mawr.  He’s got a great life and it’s so evident how much they love each other.  My client called because she’d fallen and broken her leg and needed help with getting Lazarus walked.  I hate receiving these types of calls, but we were happy to jump on board right away with daily morning, afternoon, and evening walks.  Laz, as we call him, is loving his walks around the complex with Nikki.  He is such a happy boy and has an awesome energy about him.  We are grateful to have the time with him and believe this will turn into a long relationship.

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